Photo of Anthony Nuccio

Anthony Nuccio

Anthony’s role at Vertical | Design + Build is focused on providing Construction Management Services coordinating the quality performance of construction and project operations, as well as enhancing day-to-day communications and logistics to all team members, stakeholders and our clients. He is the daily face of Vertical | Design+Build at your home. 

He attended the University of Oregon, earning degrees in Business Administration and Advertising while also being active on the university’s varsity water polo team and coaching local high school. Following his graduation, Anthony spent seven years working as a project manager for Greenfield Communications, designing and installing state-of-the-art fiber optic networks for master planned residential developments. He quickly became a highly valuable asset to that company and was promoted from field operations to operations manager for the entire company.

Anthony also has a philanthropic side and became involved with managing the development of a child and adolescent development center in the Bahamas. Working from his office in southern California, he acted as the program manager for the project, coordinating international resources to provide engineering consulting and construction management services to facilitate the design and construction of that project.

Vertical | Design + Build uses Anthony’s skill set and experiences to assist our clients through the entire design and construction process.