5 Things To Know About Buying A Spec Home

View of empty lot

 A spec home is a new, move-in ready home. Unlike a custom built home, all decisions for the spec home are made by the builder, not the owner. 

Spec homes can have a bad reputation of being “cheaply built.” This is why it’s important to purchase from a high quality builder. 

5 Things to Know About Buying a Spec Home

  • Affordable: One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a spec home is that it is usually more affordable than a fully custom built home. 
  • Less wait time: Another major benefit of a spec home is it’s move-in ready. Building a custom home can take six months to a year (or longer!). Not everyone has the time or desire to go through this process. 
  • Better investment: Purchasing an older home can lead to costly repairs and replacements. In a spec home everything is brand new, which can make it a better investment for homeowners. 
  • Can have a cookie cutter look: One potential drawback is that spec homes tend to have a generic look. This does not mean they cannot be beautiful homes, but if you have a really specific style you like, you may not be able to find it in a spec home. 
  • Limited customization: The major drawback to buying a spec home is that there is very limited customization, if any at all. Some builders offer upgrade options, but every design decision is up to the home builder. 

Deciding whether to buy custom or spec depends on your personal situation. There are benefits and drawbacks to both, but both can also give you a great home that you love. 

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