Celebrating National Boss’s Day!

Vertical Design+Build Team

This week are celebrating National Boss’s Day (officially October 16, 2021)! 

Here at Vertical | Design+Build we are very fortunate to have a leader like Grant Castilow. Here are some kind words from our team

From David, Vice President:

“Seems to me, one of the many things what makes Grant a great leader is he always keeps a sense of humor about things even when a particular challenge is serious….and I might add that he is great at getting to the heart of the issue at hand and distilling it down, while allowing others to make decisions and standing behind them afterward. He doesn’t expect perfection and is willing to help anyone that asks and wants to learn, and knows that failures will turn to success for the individual. All great characteristics of leaders. [I enjoy] his segways at our PM meetings and everyday in keeping things light hearted and loose.”

From Doug, Purchasing Manager:

“When I reflect on my boss, Grant Castilow I see all the characteristics of a Hall of Fame coach/general manager for professional sports team.  He puts together a list of types of players he will need to make a successful team. When he goes out to get these players he looks at all areas: veteran players, up and coming players and rookies. He is very good a evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the players on his team is continually encouraging the players to help them become the best they can be.  He also fosters a work environment where individuals work together and are happy to come to work each day. When problems or situations arise for the team or the customers he is quick to work on resolving these in fair and respectful way. I have worked for him over 11 years and he is definitely a ‘Hall of Fame Boss’.”

From Anthony, Construction Manager:

“When I first started working for Vertical, it did not take long to realize I had a great boss. I moved here from California and did not know much about the area, Grant took the time to show me around and make me feel welcome. At my first project, every single sub-contractor that came through would mention how much they enjoy working with Grant and how great his projects were.”

From Nick, Construction Manager:

“He’s ok sometimes. All kidding aside, Grant is more than a good boss, he is a great person! I have worked in the industry for more than 12 years and I have never had a boss quite like Grant. He cares about his people. He is understanding, thoughtful and respectful. He is quick to find light in a difficult or frustrating situation and he has a great sense of humor. I’m happy to call him my boss. Happy Boss’s Day Grant!”

From Brad, Construction Manager: 

“I think what makes Grant a great boss is something he said during my interview. He said that whatever he asked me to do, that he would be sure I had the tools and resources to do it. And that has proved to be true.”

From Priscilla, Project Manager:

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Grant and his team at Vertical | Design+Build! His dedication to our clients and his team spirit is inspiring. As a new member of the team, my favorite story of Grant occurred during my first interview with him where he told me, “If I get anything out of this interview, it would be to immediately go get my pilot’s license before anything else.” I thought that was hilarious and then I knew, I wanted to be a part of his team!”

From Sherry, Office Manager:

“I have worked for Grant at Vertical for a year now and I can honestly say that I have never had a boss as great as Grant Castilow.  He is a truly down to earth, empathetic, compassionate human being.  He takes pride in the work he does and strives for perfection.  He genuinely wants to satisfy each client on every level, from the highest quality workmanship to the most attentive customer service.  I consistently see Grant go out of his way trying to ensure every client is satisfied and gets above and beyond what they are paying for.  Grant knows the only way to achieve lasting success is with quality, honesty, and sincerity.

As a boss, Grant looks for key qualities in the people he hires to be part of his team.  I notice that he seeks to hire people who are also very sincere and compassionate, but also very driven.  Like himself, he’s not looking for people who are driven to make more money but driven to be successful by making people happy and satisfied with the quality of their work.  

Grant is the least judgmental boss and always tries to see everyone’s struggles and points of view.  He is a problem solver who wants all his employees to be happy and strive to be their very best in the position they are in.  He finds the positive strengths in people and guides them in the right direction with encouragement and positivity.  He encourages his employees to stand on their own with confidence and take ownership of their work, but he is always there to back us up if we need him.

Besides being a great leader, Grant makes coming to work fun.  He is hilarious and makes me laugh every day.  He is a happy go lucky guy and always tries to make everyone around him happy too.  Even in the worst, most stressful situations, Grant can find a way to keep things lighthearted.”

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