Tips for Building an Eco-Friendly Home

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There are many reasons for wanting to go green when building a home — whether it’s to save the planet, save some green, or a little bit of both — Vertical Design + Build is here to help. 

It is our opinion that “going green” is about superior building practices using the latest available science to simply create a better home. If you are looking to build a new custom home in Sarasota, we have some tips: 

Tips for Building an Eco-Friendly Home

  • Insulation: Make sure your home is properly insulated which means sealing the building envelope to keep the moist, humid air where it belongs- Outside your home. 
  • Air Conditioning: Right-size your air conditioning equipment. You don’t want to oversize your system and short-cycle cooling periods as that is what removes humidity from the air inside your home. Variable speed equipment with makeup air to positively pressurize your home works best!
  • Windows:  Have windows installed strategically to take advantage of natural light but make sure that you install insulated windows to avoid the solar heat gain. 
  • Smart home technology: Utilize smart home technology to automatically control lights and temperature whether you are home or not.  
  • Maintenance-Free and Sustainable materials: There are many materials that just make better sense to use in our climate for both the inside and outside of your home –  Composite siding, moisture-resistant, recycled-content drywall, reclaimed wood, etc. 
  • Conserve water: Use low flow faucets, toilets and shower heads.  . 
  • Energy efficient: Use LED light bulbs and energy star fixtures and appliances. 
  • Net Zero: After you’ve got the energy load dialed down, you can consider photovoltaic solar panels (PV) grid-tied (to sell power back to FPL) or with a battery back up to power a portion of your home or get completely off the grid!

Contact Vertical | Design+Build to learn more. Our Sarasota architects and custom home builder team is ready to get started!