2023 Kitchen Design Trends

When you start thinking about remodeling a kitchen or designing a brand new kitchen it can get overwhelming to select what you want with all the seemingly endless possibilities. Consider the functionality of the kitchen design trends that inspire you first, then think about the color and materials you would like to see in your kitchen.  Here we will go over some kitchen design trends that are becoming popular in 2023.

Stone Slabs

Natural stone countertops, kitchen islands, and backsplashes are making a grand appearance this year in kitchens.  The subway tiles are being replaced with a large stone slab for backsplashes and it can be used dramatically or more simplistically depending on the type of stone you choose and how much of it you are using.

Mixed Metals

Using a blend of metals in the kitchen makes quite a statement, excellently.  You will see different finishes – brass, bronze, stainless, nickel, and more. Have fun and mix it up!

Butler’s Pantries

You may call them a working pantry, scullery, functional pantry, or butler’s pantry – no matter what you call it, it is not exactly new in kitchen design.  They are gaining in popularity because they offer additional storage space, a dedicated location for prepping food, a hidden coffee bar, and more. 

Sustainable Materials

Homeowners are being more thoughtful about their material selections in the home.  Here at Vertical | Design + Build we encourage the use of sustainable materials.  Such as wood, stone, and steel.  Using materials that will stand the test of time is always a good choice.

Kitchen Islands Designed for Dining

It is a common occurrence that when you have guests over everyone ends up in the kitchen, right?  That may have been the reason you see large islands with seating.  Again kitchen islands are not exactly a new detail in the kitchen, they are becoming multi-functional.  Who doesn’t love multi-functional details throughout the home?

That brings us back to the functionality aspect.  We want you to be happy with the kitchen design you chose, it should flow well with how you use it.  If it doesn’t, needless to say, it can be very disappointing.  Our team at Vertical | Design + Build wants you to be elated with your kitchen and how it works for you.