What’s On The Must-Have List For Custom Homes?

Here at Vertical|Design+Build, we handle every aspect of your project from Concept-to-Creation®. When building a new custom home the homeowner may have a list of must-haves for their new home.  Our team takes pride in building homes that meet the homeowner’s expectations and we try to exceed those expectations.  Want to know what most custom home buyers are looking for in their new home?

The Must-Have List For Custom Homes

Open Floor Plan

The desire to have open floor plans has been around for quite some time. It is worth mentioning that it is still a custom home must-have for most people.  There are multiple reasons why custom home buyers want an open floor plan.  

  • For one your home will appear to be more spacious. 
  • It creates an excellent flow for entertaining.
  • When the family is gathered in this space you can still hold conversations from the kitchen to the dining area and the seating area/living room space. 
  • This space is perfect for watching children while you are doing tasks at home.  No walls and fewer barriers are blocking the view of your children.


A well-placed mudroom can save your home from being inundated with clutter.  If you have kids it is a good place to store backpacks and sports equipment.  You can create storage to keep things organized and tucked away.  Also, if you have pets it can be a designated area for dog leashes and a dog wash area.  


Many people appreciate a garage.  Some ask for an expanded garage space to have plenty of space for their cars and leave room for storage.  This isn’t exactly a new request but it can be key in keeping your home organized. Storage in general will probably forever stay on the custom home must-have list.

Energy Efficiency

Making the homes that we build energy efficient is essential to our team here at Vertical | Design + Build.  We take the extra steps to insulate your home in ways that will save you money in energy costs.  As of 2022, Vertical | Design + Build has built 27 new LEED, USGBC, or FGBC Certified Custom Homes.  

Outdoor Living Spaces

Homeowners have gravitated to living an outdoor lifestyle over the years.  We have seen an increase in outdoor kitchens because so many of us enjoy entertaining outside.  The demand for pools started to increase in 2020 when we were all quarantined at home.  People have been trying to make the most of their homes ever since.

There are more custom home must-haves of course and these are just a few we selected to highlight.  If you like this list of custom home must-haves there may be a follow-up or a part two. Stay tuned.

When you are ready for Vertical | Design + Build to get started on your dream home, give us a call.