Why Choose Vertical | Design+Build To Build Your Custom Home?

Have you been looking to buy or build a new home?  Buying a home is a big decision and we would like to take a moment to give you a better understanding of what the design+build process looks like.  

How The Design+Build Process Works

One company controls your entire project from design through construction, streamlining the entire process, saving time and money, minimizing risk, and eliminating unnecessary aggravation and delays.

Benefits Of Choosing A Design+Build Firm

Saves Time

  • The traditional building approach includes a bidding process which can take up to five weeks
  • When you choose Vertical Design+Build, multiple phases of the project can be done simultaneously instead of sequentially, saving considerable time.
  • In fact, according to the Design-Build Institute of America, Design+Build projects are delivered 102 percent faster than projects using traditional processes.

 Saves Money

  • Since the builder and designer are the same, the team collaborates from the start to recommend changes or suggest a few tweaks that will reduce costs without affecting quality. 
  • The ability to make informed financial decisions during the design will allow you to value engineer the project before it goes under construction.
  • Within the bidding process of a traditional build process.  Builders have been known to have their subs bid what is specified on the plans, regardless of buildability (No joke), to avoid any additional costs that might jeopardize their contention to win the competitive bid or the opportunity for a potential project start. Those costs of any items not expressly or properly documented on the architect’s or interior designer’s plans would be the client’s responsibility.

Provides More Accountability & Minimizes Risk

  • We can do this by establishing a single point of communication as well as a single point of responsibility for both the design and construction phases of the project. 
  • The Design+Build process eliminates conflicting points of view. 
  • If an issue does arise during the project, there is only one party who is responsible. 

Less Stressful Process

  • The traditional build process requires more work on the client’s end. 
  • The client will need to check in with the various parties regularly to ensure that everything is on schedule and there aren’t any snags. 
  • If there’s a conflict between any of the groups working on your project, you’ll need to step in and serve as a peacemaker.

Improves Coordination

  • There are more efficiencies when coordinating the design, performance, and cost elements of the project when they are being performed by one company vs multiple entities. 
  • The flexibility and nimbleness of a Design+Build team translate to a more streamlined and efficient project due to quicker design time, fewer mistakes during construction, and an overall better experience for the client!

Does Choosing A Design+Build Firm For Your New Home Sound Appealing?

If you are considering building a custom home in Sarasota along Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast, please consider Vertical | Design+Build – We can save you time, money, and frustration.

Give us a call. We’d enjoy speaking with you to hear more about your dreams!